BAE Systems, protects people and national security, and keeps critical information and infrastructure secure.  The brief was to provide an interactive e experience to help people understand the dangers of cyber attacks. 
Using a MultiTaction table, we created an interactive game ASOC  based around cybersecurity, utilising the team’s technology and design capabilities. Pucks are used to act as markers whereby users make a choice on their business needs, and select specific cybersecurity features. To create a competitive experience and add sense of urgency, content is mirrored on a connected transparent display. Users decisions are analysed and final score is generated to see how they compare.I worked on this project while being employed by Inition.
Producer: Katie Grayson
Creative: Alex Lambert, Daniel Lambert
UI & Animation: Angelina Aleksandrovich, Stavroula Avgerinou
Unity Development: Kevin Stafferton
SFX: Andreas Wittich

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